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    Ashampoo Burning Studio v11.0.4 + Reg

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    Ashampoo Burning Studio v11.0.4

    Homepage: Ashampoo® Burning Studio 11 - Overview

    Innovative, compact and incredibly fast:
    Despite a large number of new functions, Ashampoo Burning Studio once again managed to stay true to the premises of being a slim, easy-to-use and reliable burning software. Be inspired by new and innovative functions, incredible improvements and massive acceleration under the hood of a cool and intuitive user interface. Read on to learn more about what Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 has to offer.

    New file dialog:
    The addition of files to your projects is now even more comfortable with the new file dialog. There you can access any available content. You could browse your hard disc drive, but also read the data storage device of your digital camera or smartphone, or you could even access the content of your social network account or another online service.

    Burn files and folders:
    You can easily burn data on CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc, create automatically starting discs or update previously burned discs. The slim, modern and quick Compact Mode is just perfect for burning data.

    Burn movies:
    Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 enables you to create video discs out of different resources and formats, for example. Blu-ray Discs from a prepared folder, super video CDs or DVDs.

    DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring:
    Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 makes it easy to create DVDs or Blu-ray Discs with individual menus in a brilliant design without having to miss out on a comfortable range of functions.

    Create slideshow discs with photos and videos:
    Create incredible DVD/Blu-ray slideshows from your photos as well as videos and add titles, logos, subtitles, transitions and background music.

    Rip and burn music:
    You can rip music, which may have have different formats (e.g. MP3 or WMA), from CD and burn these as audio CD or as MP3 or WMA collection on CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

    Editor for covers and labels:
    The full-featured editor prints to labels or directly to printable discs. The program also provides several themes to design your own layouts.

    Back up and restore data:
    Back up your valuable data to one or more CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Single backups can be burned onto several discs.

    Browse, create and burn disc images:
    With Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 you will not only create and burn disc images, but also browse disc images and extract files from images.

    Advanced burning functions:
    Advanced users can create modified copies of existing discs (read in data structure and make changes and additions) and burn all kinds of discs with full control of all main configuration options.

    Copy discs:
    With just a few clicks CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs can be copied easily. Just select ΓΓé¼┼ôCopy a CD/DVD/Blu-ray DiscΓΓé¼┬¥ in the main program menu, insert a non-empty disc and thatΓΓé¼Γäós it.

    Erase rewriteable discs:
    Quick and easy erase functions for reusing rewriteable discs.


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