81 Video hướng dẫn học và quản lý Windows Server 2012

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    Danh sách LAB.
    Tất cả LAB là Video dạng HD,bạn có thể coi trên các tivi LCD,LED,Smartfone,Tablet ....và có thể học ở bất kỳ nơi đâu.
    1. 0101.Introduction to Deploying Windows Server 2012.mp4
    2. 0102.Overview Of Deployment Methods.mp4.mp4
    3. 0103.Introduction To Windows Deployment Services.mp4.mp4
    4. 0104.Installing Windows Deployment Services.mp4
    5. 0105.Adding And Configuring Images To WDS.mp4
    6. 0106.Deploying An Operating System With WDS.mp4
    7. 0107.Updating Images In WDS.mp4
    8. 0201.Overview Of The Options For Patch Deployment.mp4
    9. 0202.Installing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).mp4
    10. 0203.Configuring WSUS.mp4
    11. 0204.Configuring Clients To Use WSUS.mp4
    12. 0205.WSUS Administration.mp4
    13. 0206.Comparing WSUS To SCCM Patch Capabilities.mp4
    14. 0301.Introduction To File Server Resource Manager And Limits To Native Quotas.mp4
    15. 0302.Installing And Using FSRM.mp4
    16. 0303.Creating Storage Reports With FSRM.mp4
    17. 0304.Creating Quotas With FSRM.mp4
    18. 0305.Enabling File Screening With FSRM.mp4
    19. 0306.Classifying Data With File Classification Infrastructure (FCI).mp4
    20. 0307.Triggering File Actions Based On File Classification.mp4
    21. 0401.Challenges With File Services In Large Organizations.mp4
    22. 0402.Types Of Distributed File System (DFS).mp4
    23. 0403.Installing And Configuring DFS Namespaces.mp4
    24. 0404.Using Distributed File System Replication.mp4
    25. 0405.Tuning DFSR.mp4
    26. 0406.When To Use DFSR And When To Use Other Solutions.mp4
    27. 0501.Ways To Protect Data (EFS, Bitlocker, RMS).mp4
    28. 0502.Enabling EFS In An Organization.mp4
    29. 0503.Using EFS.mp4
    30. 0504.Introduction To Bitlocker And Its Options.mp4
    31. 0505.Deploying And Using Bitlocker.mp4
    32. 0506.Using Bitlocker Network Unlock.mp4
    33. 0507.Enable Advanced Storage Auditing.mp4
    34. 0601.DNS Review And Types Of DNS Query And Response.mp4
    35. 0602.Zone Configuration Types And Split DNS.mp4
    36. 0603.Configure Advanced Resource Records Type.mp4
    37. 0604.Advanced Resource Record Management (Aging, TTL, Scavenging).mp4
    38. 0605.Advanced DNS Troubleshooting.mp4
    39. 0701.Advanced Domain Controller Backup And Recovery.mp4
    40. 0702.Optimizing AD Databases And Performing Database Cleanup.mp4
    41. 0703.Domain Controller Types And When To Use.mp4
    42. 0704.Review Universal Groups And Configuring Universal Group Membership.mp4
    43. 0705.Virtualizing Domain Controllers With Windows Server 2012.Hyper-V.mp4
    44. 0706.Cloning Domain Controllers.mp4
    45. 0707.Using Managed Service Accounts.mp4
    46. 0708.Configuration Account Policies With Fine Grained Password Policies.mp4
    47. 0709.Understanding Service Principal Names (SPNS).mp4
    48. 0801.Review Group Policy Application.mp4
    49. 0802.Using No Override And Block Inheritance.mp4
    50. 0803.WMI Filtering And Security For GPOs.mp4
    51. 0804.Creating Custom Administrative Templates.mp4
    52. 0805.Convert ADM Files To ADMX Files.mp4
    53. 0806.mp4
    54. 0807.Using Group Policy Preferences.mp4
    55. 0808.Backing Up And Restoring GPOs.mp4
    56. 0809.Troubleshooting Group Policy Application And Common Causes Of Problems.mp4
    57. 0901.Overview Of Types Of Remote Access And Why Its Important.mp4
    58. 0902.Types Of Virtual Private Network Technology.mp4
    59. 0903.Installation Routing And Remote Access Service.mp4
    60. 0904.Creating A VPN.mp4
    61. 0905.Monitoring And Troubleshooting RRAS.mp4
    62. 1001.Overview Of DirectAccess Technology And Benefits Over Traditional VPN.mp4
    63. 1002.Installing DirectAccess.mp4
    64. 1003.Configuration Of DirectAccess Service And Enabling DirectAccess For Clients.mp4
    65. 1004.Troubleshooting DirectAccess.mp4
    66. 1101.Understanding Network Access Protection And Network Policy Server.mp4
    67. 1102.Installing Network Policy Server.mp4
    68. 1103.Configuring Radius.mp4
    69. 1104.Create Network Policy Server Policies.mp4
    70. 1105.Types Of Network Access Protection Enforcement.mp4
    71. 1106.Implementing Network Access Protection.mp4
    72. 1107.Monitoring And Troubleshooting Network Access Protection.mp4
    73. 1201.The Importance Of Server Monitoring.mp4
    74. 1202.Using Performance Monitor.mp4
    75. 1203.Configuring And Using Performance Monitor Data Collector Sets.mp4
    76. 1204.Enabling Performance Monitor Alerts.mp4
    77. 1205.Introduction To Event Logs.mp4
    78. 1206.Triggering Actions From Event Logs.mp4
    79. 1207.Using Network Monitor.mp4
    80. 1208.Special Monitoring Considerations When Using Virtualization.mp4
    81. 1301.Closing Thoughts.mp4


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