Cracking Kit 2012 Ultimate AIO _ Bộ công cụ dành cho ai yêu thích Crack!

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    Cracking 2012 is the long awaited sequel to the original cracking kit 2010 released in 2008. It features the largest collection of reverse engineering tools ever compiled. All software has been updated to the latest version, but you can still run older versions of the software if you want.

    In this kit, you will find rare, hard-to-find programs designed for the expert cracker, and the beginner. This kit now comes with a handy launcher menu called PStart.exe. Feel free to customize the layout of the menu to suit your needs.
    This kit is for educational purposes only. TOTU accepts no responsibility for any damage caused whilst using the kit.

    This Collection was Made for Educational Purposes Only.
    The UpLoader will Not Take any responsibility for what u do with this Tools.

    This is with viruses cos these are hacking tools and AV detect as viruses!

    I think it's better to use deep freeze and than u can freeze ur pc when u use
    this tools and than u can unfreeze it when u don't use !
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    * DEPROTECTION [All-in-one, huge collection of unpackers / deprotectors]
    * DECOMPILERS [All-in-one, decompilers for Visual Basic, Delphi, DOTNET, etc]
    * HEXING
    * MISC
    * NFO
    * PE TOOLS
    * TRIAL
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    14127 tools and tuts for cracker
    So what's with the 'reloaded' edition?

    Three little sub-kits* released, unaffiliated with TOTU. But still handy.
    They are:
    * Angel 55 Cracker_Kit
    * Crackbox MMV
    * Crackerskit.v2.00-icu

    So what's new:
    * Handy launcher menu added.
    * All soft has been updated to the latest version
    * Now comes with an all-in-one deprotection package. Deprotect/unpack any kind of soft.
    * Grab only the sections you're looking for. The kit is now split into parts.

    Burn or mount the ISO with your favourite tool. Locate PStart.exe, and get cracking!
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    Download Here : Link:
    Đã Add Put Recovery file nên ko lo lỗi file!
    Demo Speed Download cho a e phe' ~.~
    Link 4Share.Vn

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