How to Recover Files After the Reformat of a Mac

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    If you have recently reformatted a Mac only to find out you accidentally wrote over needed data, there is an easy way to fix the problem. Whether the reformat was accidental or done in purpose, the files that were there previously can still be recovered. Your computer’s operating system uses an address table to manage the location of each file and piece of stored files on the physical drive. Reformatting clears out this table so that every sector can be overwritten with new data.

    While this might seem scary, it is completely possible to retrieve this information from your computer after the fact. This is because the file still resides on the physical drive and only the address no longer exists. The operating system might not be able to find it, but a reliable recovery tool can get the job done. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery offers an easy-to-use solution for any situation where files need to be recovered after reformatting.

    Loss due to reformatting is really not an issue when you have the right tool at your disposal. The first step is to immediately stop working on the computer and download this recovery program. After installing, follow the steps outlined how to recover files after reformat Mac to get through this catastrophe with ease.

    1. Install Stellar Mac Data Recovery.
    2. Choose the drive and recovery mode.
    3. Locate the items to retrieve.
    4. Complete the recovery process.

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