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    What is this release different from SamDrivers 14.9?

    This distribution is made on the basis SamDrivers 14.9 with the following features:

    Removed all third party software (folder soft).
    Removed alternative program to install the drivers.
    Distribution is made in the form of a folder, rather than ISO, allowing you to choose the drivers for download.
    This distribution will be used for program updates and drayverpakov directly from Snappy Driver Installer. It is therefore important not only for the distribution of user trackers, but also for those who drayverpaki pumps directly from the program.
    After the release of SamDrivers 14.9, SamLab posted 14 drayverpakov updated and this distribution already includes them.

    Why should I use this program instead of DriverPack Solution?

    To install the drivers recommend using Snappy Driver Installer and below will explain why.

    BadPointer (software developer Snappy Driver Installer) previously worked on DriverPack Solution (DPS), so he knows the possibilities DPS, as well as its limitations. DPS is written in Java, which is very slow and has many limitations. Since DPS should work even under the outdated IE 6.0, use new and effective design of the latest browsers in order to avoid unacceptable appearance of various scripting errors when you run the program on older IE.

    It should be noted that the whole of the current code selection and installation DPS written BadPointer'om and since he stopped working on DPS, no one has devised DPS, as those who remained in the DPS did not have a sufficient understanding of the code and therefore could not fix it. Therefore, in the last year in DPS changes mainly affect the interface and optional software kit, and chronic problems DPS (such as installing Intel USB 3.0, Tatsch on desktops, selection of the sound driver) remained unsolved all this time and now hardly ever be corrected .

    Snappy Driver Installer was originally developed as a solo BadPointer'om DPS rewriting from scratch in C / C ++. But in the end it was decided to promote it, regardless of DPS and under a different name.

    In Snappy Driver Installer already corrected the problems with the selection of drivers, a complete programming language C / C ++ can achieve an order of magnitude better performance and stability due to the absence of any dependencies like IE. Snappy Driver Installer produces a quality selection of drivers due to the inclusion of many more characteristics of drivers and devices and drivers on the ranking of the degree of compatibility, while the DPS could prematurely discard the driver and did not know how to compare the drivers of different drayverpakov.

    Let's compare the 3 installation program that is available on SamDrivers
    DriverPack Solution (DPS)
    Drivers Installer Assistant (DIA)
    Snappy Driver Installer (SDI)

    size of the program
    DPS - 34 MB (291 files)
    DIA - 44 MB (189 files)
    SDI - 1,3 MB (43 files) No transfers and so - less than one MB (one file).

    DPS - Depends on IE. May fail to IE6.0. Leaves registry entries and can change the logo OEM (assembly SamDrivers is disabled).
    DIA - Depends on the vb library and automatically installs them into the system.
    SDI - has no external dependencies, and works even in Windows PE. Leaves no residue in the system.

    the indexing
    DPS - 280 seconds (4:40)
    DIA - 123 seconds (2:03)
    SDI - 19 seconds (13 seconds and 6 seconds indexing compression)

    Note: DPS and DIA were recovered and only handles inf files (v 1.2 GB), and SDI - inf files and in addition to them another cat files. The total volume of all the files - 2GB. Thus, SDI is necessary to treat a much greater volume of information.

    Startup time
    DPS - 10 sec
    DIA - 3 sec
    SDI - 0,5 sec

    The method of installing the drivers

    DPS - devcon.exe. Identical to the unit via the Device Manager.
    DIA - DPInst.exe. Decides which drivers to update and may refuse to install the appropriate drivers. Copies files itself, sometimes leading to an incomplete installation.
    SDI - Win32API. Identical to the unit via the Device Manager. Automatically clicks "continue" during the installation of unsigned drivers.

    ranking drivers

    DPS - For each device selected only one driver. Rest are discarded at an early stage and are not even mentioned in the logs.
    DIA - to create a common list of eligible drivers within drayverpak. Ranking of drivers from different drayverpakov not performed.
    SDI - For each device creates a list of all the drivers found drayverpak. The list is sorted so that the most appropriate drivers are closer to the top, and the first driver, and just offered to the default setting.

    Loading drayverpakov from the Internet

    DPS - Configurator allows you to select what you need to upload drayverpaki. Update drayverpakov and the need to update the definition is not provided.
    DIA - None.
    SDI - It is possible to upgrade the program and drayverpaki (old replaced by new ones). If the load indices, we can determine what drayverpaki contain updated drivers and upload them only.

    How to get an update on the distribution?

    Since the update occurs in the same folder where already downloaded the previous version, requires a few additional steps in order to avoid possible problems.

    Method 1 (easy)

    Take away the old torrent with downloaded data.
    Download new torrent and start the download.
    PROFIT !!!

    Method 2 (wiser)

    Take away the old torrent, but the data is stored.
    Download new torrent.
    Uncheck "Start download" or stop the download if it has already begun.
    In the context menu, select the action at hand "Force re-check" (Calculate the hash).
    Upon completion of testing, you can start the download.
    To delete old drayverpakov can run the file del_old_driverpacks.bat.

    How to burn to a DVD collection?

    To write assembly on DVD does not necessarily create an ISO image (although you can do it), as Man About Town program and staffing the Windows disc recorder able to record directly from a folder.

    Start the program and in the required settings.
    Remove from folder logs.
    If you are recording on a single-layer DVD, it should be removed from my drivers:
    Transfer the files to a DVD, and then click "Write these files to CD."

    Platform: Windows 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / 2008/7/8 / 8.1
    Bit depth: 32bit + 64bit
    Language: Multilingual

    System Requirements:
    Windows 2000 and the presence of a pair of gigabytes of free space on the system hard drive to unpack temporary files

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