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    Tất cả đều là bản Full.

    About this release

    This collection includes the latest versions of the most efficient commercial solutions to recover files or partitions
    All applications are registered and/or patched and can run from any location (folder, USB drive)
    Most of the applications were virtualized using the latest version of VMWare Thinapp, which ensures they run on any Windows version (up to 10)
    These home-brewed VMWare USB versions do not write files nor registry entries to the host computer, they deploy all necessary data to a subfolder along the executable
    Some applications are system specific (x86/x64), some will run on both systems
    Automatic updates and internet connections were disabled whenever such options are made available in the program's option (disallow internet access if necessary)
    All files were scanned with ESET Smart Security (Updated 2016)
    Size (unpacked): 1.2 GB

    Included in this release

    1. 7-Data Recovery Suite Enterprise 3.7
    2. Active@ File Recovery Professional
    3. Active@ Partition Recovery
    4. Active@ Undelete Professional
    5. Amigabit Data Recovery Enterprise
    6. Disk Doctors Data Recovery Suite
    7. Do Your Data Recovery 5.0.0 Technician Edition
    8. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 10.2.0 Technician
    9. Eassos Recovery
    10. GetData Recover My Files Pro
    11. Hetman Data Recovery Pack 2.3
    12. MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0 Technician Edition
    13. Raise Data Recovery for FAT + NTFS 5.19.1
    14. R-Studio 8.0 Build 164571 Network Edition
    15. R-Undelete 5.0.164588
    16. Runtime GetDataBack for FAT & NTFS 4.32
    17. SoftOrbits Flash Drive Recovery 3.1
    18. TogetherShare Data Recovery Professional 6.1.0
    19. UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 5.20
    20. Zero Assumption Recovery 10.0.328 Technician Edition


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