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    This Windows Server video training with Tim Warner is for IT professionals who have their MCSA: Windows Server 2008 or MCITPs who want to earn their MCSA or MCSE certifications for Windows Server 2012.

    Recommended skills:

    • MCSA: Windows Server 2008
    • MCITP: Virtualization Administrator on Windows Server 2008 R2
    • MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010
    • MCITP: Lync Server Administrator 2010
    • MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010
    • MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7

    Recommended equipment:
    • Windows Server 2012

    Related certifications:
    • MCSA: Windows Server 2012
    • MCSE: Server Infrastructure
    • MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure

    Related job functions:
    • IT professionals

    Already have a Windows Server 2008 certification, but want to upgrade to Server 2012? Start with this series from trainer Tim Warner.

    Microsoft exam 70-417, Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012, is a prerequisite for Windows Server 2008 MCSAs or MCITPs who want to earn either the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) titles in Windows Server 2012. The content of this course (and the associated exam) spans three additional Microsoft IT Pro certs: exam 410 (Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012); exam 411 (Administering Windows Server 2012); and exam 412 (Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services). ​

    Title Duration

    Course Introduction
    Topics covered: Nutshell history of Microsoft certification; How to upgrade your current MCSE or MCITP; How best to approach this course; Tips for exam success. Note: The ExamPrep practice test for the 70-417 exam Tim references in this video is not yet available from Kaplan.

    Installing Windows Server 2012 Servers
    Topics covered: Plan for server installation; Plan for server roles; Plan for a server upgrade; Install Server Core; Optimize resource utilization by using Features on Demand.

    Configuring Windows Server 2012 Servers
    Topics covered: Configure Server Core; Add and remove features in offline images; Deploy roles on remote servers; Configure services; Configure NIC teaming; Configure WinRM; Configure multi-server management; Configure Windows Firewall.

    Installing Domain Controllers
    Topics covered: Add or remove a domain controller from a domain; Upgrade a domain controller; Install Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) on a Server Core installation; Install a domain controller from install from media (IFM); Solve DNS SRV record registration issues; Configure a Global Catalog server

    Configuring Domain Controllers
    Topics covered: Configure Universal Group Membership Caching (UGMC); Transfer and seize operations masters; Install and configure a read-only domain controller (RODC); Configure Domain Controller cloning

    Maintaining Active Directory
    Topics covered: Back up Active Directory and SYSVOL; Manage Active Directory offline; Optimize an Active Directory database; Clean up metadata; Configure Active Directory snapshots; Perform object- and container-level recovery; Perform Active Directory restore (non-authoritative and authoritative)

    Configuring Group Policy Processing
    Topics covered: Configure processing order and precedence; Configure blocking of inheritance; Configure enforced policies; Configure security filtering and WMI filtering; Configure loopback processing; Configure and manage slow-link processing; Configure client-side extension (CSE) behavior

    Configuring Local Storage
    Topics covered: Design storage spaces; Configure basic and dynamic disks; Configure MBR and GPT disks; Manage volumes; Create and mount virtual hard disks (VHDs); Configure storage pools and disk pools

    Configuring and Managing Backups
    Topics covered: Configure Windows Server backups; Configure Windows Online backups; Configure role-specific backups; Manage VSS settings using VSSAdmin; Create System Restore snapshots

    Monitoring Servers
    Topics covered: Configure Data Collector Sets (DCS); Configure alerts; Monitor real-time performance; Monitor virtual machines (VMs); Monitor events; Configure event subscriptions; Configure network monitoring

    Deploying and Managing IPAM
    Topics covered: Understand IP Address Management (IPAM) in Windows Server 2012; Configure IPAM by using Group Policy; Configure server discovery; Create and manage IP address blocks; Delegate IPAM administration

    Configuring DirectAccess
    Topics covered: DirectAccess improvements in Windows Server 2012; Implement server requirements; Implement client configuration; Install, configure, and test DirectAccess

    Configuring Network Access Protection (NAP)
    Topics covered: What's new and what's changed with NAP in Windows Server 2012; Configure SHVs and healh policies; Configure NAP enforcement; Configure client-side components via Group Policy; Testing NAP

    Implementing Dynamic Access Control (DAC)
    Topics covered: Configure user and device claims; Implement policies; Perform access-denied remediation; Configure file classification (tagging) with resource properties

    Implementing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) v2.1
    Topics covered: Implementing claims-based authentication; Configure claims provider trust rules; Configure attribute stores; Manage AD FS certificates; Configure AD FS proxy

    Configuring Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2012
    Topics covered: What does "high availability" mean? Basics of clustering technologies; Configuring cluster networking; Configuring cluster storage; Configuring the quorum; Upgrading a cluster; Configuring failover and preference settings; Restoring a single node or cluster configuration

    Advanced Failover Clustering and Highly Available Hyper-V
    Topics covered: Cluster-aware updating; Node drain; VM live migration; Cluster validation testing; Multi-site clustering

    Managing Virtual Machine Settings and Storage
    Topics covered: Creating and editing VHD and VHDX files; Understanding SMB 3.0; Using snapshots; Configuring dynamic memory and smart paging; Implementing resource metering; Installing guest integration services; Using differencing drives and shared storage (including Storage Spaces)

    Creating and Configuring Virtual Networks
    Topics covered: Hyper-V virtual switches; Synthetic network adapters; Network isolation; Network virtualization; Hyper-V network performance best practices

    Managing Virtual Machine Movement
    Topics covered: Hyper-V replica; Shared Nothing Live Migration; Quick Migration; VM import and export; P2V and V2P scenarios
    Total Series Duration: 15:32:21 ​


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