Video học Windows Server 2012 Remote Access with DirectAccess

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    Windows Server 2012 Implementing Secure Remote Access with DirectAccess training course will provide network engineers with essential information and guidance to successfully plan, implement, and support a DirectAccess remote access solution for their managed Windows clients. Strong working knowledge of general networking and Windows core infrastructure services (Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, etc.) is required. Fundamental understanding of Windows administration is helpful.

    Duration: 04:51:43 :Tổng thời gian học!

    Lesson 1: Introduction and Course Outline 00[​IMG]57
    Lesson 2: DirectAccess Overview 00:28:46
    Lesson 3: Planning for DirectAccess 00:27:41
    Lesson 4: Configuring DirectAccess (Simplified Deployment) 00:30:43
    Lesson 5: Configuring DirectAccess (Complex Deployment) 00:37:43
    Lesson 6: Configuring DirectAccess (Multi-Site Deployment) 00:23:58
    Lesson 7: Enabling Support for Windows 7 DirectAccess Clients 00:22:06
    Lesson 8: Enabling High Availability with Network Load Balancing 00:28:21
    Lesson 9: DirectAccess Monitoring and Reporting 00:17:18
    Lesson 10: DirectAccess Troubleshooting 00:38:32
    Lesson 11: Enabling Legacy Remote Access VPN 00:29:33

    Instructor: Richard Hicks (MCP, MCSE, MCITP Enterprise Administrators, CISSP)
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